Current Openings
The 2017-18 classes are in full swing but we have one opening in our 3 day 4 year old class (4 by Aug.31, 2017). We are in the process of registering for Fall 2018.  Please see the registration process below.

Registration for Fall 2018

All Families (new, present, and former)
New Families may call in January to schedule a tour during classes. This visit will afford you the chance to see the children interact with each other, with the environment and with the teachers. Visits are held during the free play period of each class. This time is unstructured so that visits will not interfere with the regular class time. Up to four families may be visiting at any one time and because regular classes will be in session, we ask that this visit be for parents only. Registration for new families is held on the last Sunday of January each year at 1pm. New children who register will be invited to a playday the Tuesday after Memorial Day. This will give your child the opportunity to view the classrooms just before the summer break.

January will be the month for present and former families to register for Fall 2018 classes. Children must be 3 years old before November 30th of the incoming year to register for 2 day classes. Registration for the 2018-19 school year begins on Tuesday, January 2, 2018 for siblings of currently or previously enrolled children.

Present families– If your child is in the 2 day class and is eligible for Kindergarten in 2019, a 3 day spot will be reserved for him/her.

Children who wish to return to us rather than go on to Kindergarten and children from former families who have 4 year olds may fill whatever 3 day spots are open after registration the first week. If you are still unsure if your child will be ready for Kindergarten in the Fall, please speak to your child’s teacher before Christmas vacation. All children who began this year with us at 2.9 may register for the 2 day class.

Former Families– If you have had a child at Sandra Lane Nursery School but have been away for awhile, you may come in, email or call for more information about registering before the general public sometime after January 3.

All children must register. There is a $70 nonrefundable registration fee for registered children. If you go on a waiting list only, there is no fee. The first tuition payment is due on Aug. 1st and will be applied to your last tuition payment for the year.