School Profile


A child’s experiences during the preschool years influence later development and outlook toward learning.  Sandra Lane Nursery School is committed to our goal of helping each child develop a positive self-image.  We provide many opportunities for accomplishment, in offering a variety of materials, a safe and appealing environment in which to work and play, and encouragement for the child to proceed at his/her own pace.  As the child gains confidence in his/her abilities, he/she will also better the social interactions with peers and the adults in his/her life.

The staff is here to facilitate the child’s success in developing creativity, building a healthy self-concept, and acquiring self-direction.  We intend to promote a sense of wonder and curiosity, to fuel the child’s enthusiasm for learning about his/her world.  We offer the opportunity for individual activities and participation in small groups. We suggest daily outdoor experiences to use large muscles and develop those skills, as well as to learn about – and interact with – the outdoor environment.

Physical Building
Our school is located in a residential neighborhood, the facilities offering a home-like environment, which is bright, cheerful and sunny.

We have two large classrooms and are licensed for 17 children; 8 in one classroom and 9 in the other.  The classrooms are on the first floor overlooking a large backyard area.

The bathroom is located in the back classroom and is always supervised by a teacher.  The children do not have access to the residence.

The playground area includes a large grassy area for running, hard top area for bikes, a hill for rolling, running and sliding, a sandbox, climbing structures, tunnel, water table, and log cabin.

Extended outdoor play may include bubbles, balls, sidewalk chalk, hula hoops, parachute, and a variety of other materials.

The yard also offers a wide range of natural wonders making it an outdoor science classroom.  We go out all year round, weather permitting.